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State Prosecution Calls for Guilty Verdict in Gligor Begovic Trial

18. November 2015.00:00
Presenting its closing statement at the trial of Gligor Begovic, the state prosecution called upon the court to find the defendant guilty of crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in the Batkovic concentration camp in Bijeljina in 1992.

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Gligor Begovic, a former member of the Bosnian Serb Army, is on trial for participating in the assault and sexual abuse of Bosniak civilians and prisoners of war in the Batkovic detention camp in the summer of 1992.

Bosniak civilians and prisoners of war were held in inhumane conditions in Batkovic, where they were killed, beaten and sexually abused.

Prosecutor Miroslav Janjic said the prosecution had demonstrated, through witness testimony and the presentation of evidence, that Begovic had been a member of the Bosnian Army, while the injured parties were civilians and prisoners of war.

“I believe the defendant was fully aware of his superior position,” Janjic said.

Janjic said the state prosecution had fully demonstrated that Begovic participated in the beating of prisoners, and that five prisoners died as a result.

Janjic said witnesses confirmed that Begovic participated in the beating of a 70 year old prisoner who died as a result of his injuries. He said witnesses also confirmed that he beat a minor.

Janjic said there were no doubts regarding the perpetrator’s identity, as nearly all of the witnesses identified Begovic in the courtroom.

“Many guards beat us, but Gligor was the worst,” Janjic said, quoting witness and former detainee Nedim Mustacevic. Mustacevic also said that Begovic punched and kicked him, although he knew he was wounded.

Janjic said Mustacevic had begged the defendant to kill him, and that the defendant responded by saying “I want your bones to rot.”

Janjic said Begovic also participated in the sexual humiliation of the detainees, listing a few incidents. As per a decision by the trial chamber, the public was excluded from the beginning of the hearing, during which the charges of sexual abuse were discussed. The court decided to close that portion of the hearing to protect the defendant’s privacy.

Janjic said none of the defense witnesses offered an alibi for the defendant. He said the defense witnesses saw him for five or ten minutes during the time period covered by the indictment, but did not enter the camp.

The defense will present its closing statement on November 26.

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This post is also available in: Bosnian