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Witness Unable to Appear Due to Floods

16. May 2014.00:00
The examination of a Defence witness at the trial of Vehid Subotic, who is charged with crimes in the Zenica area, has been postponed because the witness has not been able to appear in Court as the roads are blocked by floods.

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Witness Amir Spahic informed the Court that he would not be able to come due to the bad weather conditions.

The trial of Subotic has formally begun anew because more than a month has passed since the last hearing.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, charges Subotic, former member of the Seventh Muslim Brigade of ABiH, with having separated eight Croats, acting in collaboration with other people, in Dusina village on January 26, 1993 and escorted those Croats to a house, where he ordered soldiers to kill them.
Subotic is on trial for several other murders of Croats in Dusina. 

Prosecutor Slavica Terzic said at this hearing that she had contacted the family of witness Ivica Kegelj, who lives in America, and that she had been told that he agreed to testify via video-link in case a US court contacted him.
Terzic pointed out that the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina had requested an urgent response by US authorities regarding the examination of this witness twice, but it had still not received any feedback.
She proposed that, in case the witness was not able to testify, his statement given at The Hague at another trial be read in the courtroom. 

Trial Chamber Chairman Zoran Bozic suggested to the Prosecutor to get in touch with the witness.
If a decision is made to read the witness’ statement in the courtroom, the trial will continue on May 23. In case his testimony via video-link is organized, the next hearing will be held on May 30.

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This post is also available in: Bosnian