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Lukic Requests Reconsideration of Verdict Lukiæ traži preispitivanje presude

5. February 2014.00:00
Milan Lukic, former Commander of “Beli Orlovi” paramilitary unit, requests the Hague Tribunal to reconsider a verdict under which he was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes in Visegrad.

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Lukic’s Defence filed a motion with The Hague Tribunal, saying that the second instance verdict from December 2012, under which he was sentenced to life imprisonment, should be reconsidered, because the Defence had obtained statements by four new witnesses in the meantime.

“Lukic requests the Appellate Chamber to assign the case to a new trial chamber, which will consider the new pieces of evidence and assess their credibility, as well as their potential influence on the verdict,” the motion filed by Lukic’s Defence says.

The motion further says that two of the witnesses, who personally saw the murders of Bosniaks on River Drina and in Varda factory in June 1992, for which Lukic was sentenced, said that they did not see Lukic on that day.

It further says that the two other witnesses would say that Lukic did not participate in burning civilians in houses in Pionirska Street and at Bikavac on June 14 and 27, 1992. Nearly 120 women, children and the elderly were killed at those locations.

The trial of Milan Lukic and his cousin Sredoje Lukic began in 2006. A first instance verdict was pronounced in 2009. Under that verdict, Milan was sentenced to life imprisonment, while Sredoje was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Following an appellate procedure, the second instance verdict was pronounced. The verdict confirmed the sentence against Milan Lukic and reduced the sentence against Sredoje Lukic to 27 years in prison.

Denis Džidić

This post is also available in: Bosnian