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Indictee in Prison

13. December 2013.00:00
The examination of Prosecution witnesses at the trial for crimes in the Kladanj area has been postponed due to absence of Osman Gogic, one of the nine indictees, who has begun serving his sentence.

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As explained by Defence attorney Fahrija Karkin, on Friday, December 6 Gogic was sent to prison, where he would serve his two-year sentence for a car accident.
Trial Chamber Chairwoman Vesna Jesenkovic told the Defence attorney that it would have been a correct move to “at least” inform the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina about it, so it could have postponed the hearing on time.
“The expenses are huge. Two witnesses came yesterday,” she said.
Karkin said that he did not feel guilty of not having done that, adding that he explained to Gogic how he should inform the prison staff that he had hearings before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Fridays.
He said that he expected that Gogic would be brought to the trial and assumed that competent prison staff would inform the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina about everything.
Gogic, who was defending himself while at liberty, attended the hearings regularly in the past.
“There is no other way but to postpone the main trial until next Friday, December 20,” judge Jesenkovic said.
Gogic is on trial, along with Safet Mujcinovic, Selman Busnov, Nusret Muhic, Zijad Hamzic, Ramiz Halilovic, Hariz Habibovic, Nedzad Hodzic and Kahro Vejzovic, former members of civil and military police and the Territorial Defence from Stupari, for crimes against Serb civilians in the Kladanj area.

Amer Jahić

This post is also available in: Bosnian