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Verdict against Gojko Klickovic and Mladen Drljaca on May 7

25. April 2013.00:00
The pronouncement of a second instance verdict against Gojko Klickovic and Mladen Drljaca, who are charged with crimes in Bosanska Krupa, has been postponed until May 7.

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The verdict was originally supposed to be pronounced on April 29, but the Appellate Chamber has now set a new date.
Under a first instance verdict pronounced in November 2010, Klickovic and Drljaca were acquitted of the charges that they participated in a joint criminal enterprise with the aim of dividing Bosanska Krupa municipality and creating territories, where Serbs would be the absolute majority.
In May 2012 the Appellate Chamber revoked the verdict and ordered a retrial.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina alleges that Klickovic was President of the wartime Presidency and Commander of the Crisis Committee of the Serbian municipality of Bosanska Krupa, while Drljaca was Chairman of a chamber with the Temporary Court Martial in Jasenica.

Amer Jahić

This post is also available in: Bosnian