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Verdict against Tolimir Due December 12

16. November 2012.00:00
On December 12 The Hague Tribunal is due to pronounce a verdict against retired Republika Srpska Army, VRS general Zdravko Tolimir, who is charged with genocide in Srebrenica.

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In their closing statement presented in late August this year, prosecutors called on the Tribunal to pronounce Tolimir guilty of genocide against Muslims from Srebrenica and sentence him to life imprisonment.

Tolimir, who represented himself at this trial, called on the Tribunal to acquit him of all charges.

Tolimir was Intelligence and Security Affairs Assistant to the then VRS Commander Ratko Mladic, who is on trial before the Tribunal for genocide in Srebrenica and other crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is charged in eight counts with genocide, association with the aim of committing genocide, extermination, murders, persecution, forcible resettlement and deportation of Muslims from Srebrenica and Zepa from July to November 1995.

According to the charges, VRS forces systematically executed about 7,000 Muslim men from Srebrenica at several locations in the vicinity of Zvornik and Bratunac after having occupied the UN-protected enclave on July 11, 1995.

The trial of Tolimir at The Hague began on February 26, 2010. Prosecutors examined 126 witnesses, while Tolimir had only four defence witnesses.

He was arrested on May 31, 2007. In his initial appearance before the Hague Tribunal on June 4 Tolimir refused to enter his plea. According to the Tribunal’s rules, the judge then recorded a not guilty plea on behalf of the indictee.

This post is also available in: Bosnian