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Kornjaca: Custody Replaced with Prohibiting Measures

31. August 2012.00:00
The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina terminates custody for Milun Kornjaca, who is charged with crimes against humanity in Cajnice in 1992, and orders prohibiting measures instead.

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As per the Court’s decision, Kornjaca is banned from leaving his place of residence or discussing the case with anybody else but his Defence attorneys. Kornjaca was held in custody for two and a half years.

The Defence requested the Court to terminate custody for the indictee at a hearing held on August 29. The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina objected to the request.

“My client has been held in custody for two and a half years. Extension of custody would, in some way, mean inhumane treatment and torture of my client. He will agree with any prohibiting measures, except with a ban to move from his house to the Dispensary in Cajnice,” said Milana Borovcanin-Bulic, Defence attorney of the indictee.

State Prosecutor Dzevad Muratbegovic said that he considered that the only way to ensure Milun Kornjaca’s presence at the trial was to keep him in custody.

“The indictee’s health condition is not the reason for terminating the custody measure. I consider that there is still a fear that citizens would be upset and public order disturbed by releasing the indictee to liberty,” Muratbegovic said.

Kornjaca, former Commander of the “Plavi orlovi” (“Blue Eagles”) paramilitary unit, is on trial for having persecuted Bosniaks from the Cajnice area and killed 11 civilians at Mostina on May 19, 1992. In case he violates any of the prohibiting measures, he may be ordered back into custody.

Dusko Tadic, former member of the “Plavi orlovi” paramilitary formation, and Milorad Zivkovic, former Chief of the Public Safety Station in Cajnice, are on trial, as part of a separate case, for crimes committed in Cajnice.

Tadic was released from custody in February this year and Zivkovic two months later.

This post is also available in: Bosnian