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Hundreds of Balloons for Omarska Victims

8. August 2012.00:00
In commemoration of the beginning of dismissal of Omarska concentration camp, where several hundreds of Prijedor residents got killed, on August 6, 1992, a ceremony has been held within the former detention camp complex.

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“We have released several hundreds of white balloons with names of victims in memory of the people, who, as already determined, were killed in Omarska. Their bodies were found in the close vicinity of the detention camp and identified. They were found in a mass grave in Stari Kevljani, the biggest grave in the Bosanska Krajina area,” said Sudbin Music, Secretary of “Prijedor 92” Association of Detainees.

He said that the grave was discovered in 2004 and that 465 killed detainees from Omarska had been found in it.

Numerous members of families of killed detainees and survivors, who now live in various parts of the world, attended the commemoration.

Music said that between 500 and 900 citizens of Prijedor municipality were killed in Omarska detention camp in more than 120 different ways.

“Unfortunately, we do not have official statistic data, but it is considered that up to 900 people disappeared or got killed in Omarska. The entire non-Serb elite from Prijedor, including the then municipality mayor, court president, police chief, cultural and public workers and many religious officials, were killed in it,” Music said.

He mentioned that between 5,000 and 6,000 people were held in Omarska at some stage, adding that, according to records kept by Serb police at the time, 3,334 detainees, including 37 women and 28 children, were held in it at the moment when it was discovered. All detainees, except 125 Croats, 11 Serbs and one person that belonged to other ethnic groups, were Bosniaks.

This post is also available in: Bosnian