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Zecevic et al: Warrant for Apprehension of Witness

25. May 2012.00:00
The trial of five indictees who are charged with crimes at Koricanske stijene, has been postponed due to the absence of protected State Prosecution witness KA-1, who will be apprehended as he refused to appear in court.

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Trial Chamber Chairwoman Vesna Jasenkovic said that the witness said that he had come to the Court and testified several times, but he refused to do it this time.

“We shall issue an order for the apprehension of this witness to the main hearing scheduled for May 29,” the judge said.

After the Court accepted a revised count, which, as explained by Prosecutor Slavica Terzic, added “persecution of people by robbing them” to the list of charges against the indictees, at the last hearing, the Defence of indictee Petar Civcic requested a re-examination of protected witness KA-1.

Testifying for the Prosecution at the beginning of 2010, protected witness KA-1 said that, while escorting the convoy, Civcic issued an order to confiscate money and other valuable possessions from the civilians.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Civcic, Sasa Zecevic, Radoslav Knezevic, Branko Topola and Marinko Ljepoja with having participated in the murder of 200 men at Koricanske stijene on Mount Vlasic. The men had previously been separated from a convoy, travelling from Prijedor t Travnik on August 21, 1992.

The indictment alleges that Civcic, Zecevic, Ljepoja and Knezevic were members of the Interventions Squad with the Public Safety Station in Prijedor, while Topola was a guard in Trnopolje detention camp.

According to the charges, members of the Police Intervention Squad robbed civilians in the convoy.

Following the examination of the protected witness, Prosecutor Terzic is due to present her closing statement on May 31. The Defence attorneys of the indictees will begin presenting their closing statements a day later.

This post is also available in: Bosnian