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Zecevic et al: A Bullet in the Head

26. January 2012.00:00
At the trial for the crime at Koricanske stijene, an expert of the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina determined that for four killed people, the cause of death was a gunshot wound in the head.

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During the presentation of his findings and opinion, Nermin Sarajlic, a medical expert witness, said that for the tree killed persons he could not specify the precise cause of death, because certain bones are missing, and one victim is missing soft tissue.

The expert explained that injuries in the head were determined for two victims, while for another one the missile or the explosive device led to the injuries to the organs, but he could not determine the cause of death.

He testified at the trial of Sasa Zecevic, Radoslav Knezevic, Petar Civcic, Marinko Ljepoja and Branko Topola, who are charged for the crime at Koricanske stijene. They are charged with having participated in escorting a convoy of more than 1,000 civilians, who were traveling from Prijedor to Travnik on August 21, 1992, and the separation and murder of about 200 men at Koricanske stijene.

The indictment alleges that Civcic was Commander of the First Section with the Interventions Squad of the Public Safety Station in Prijedor, Zecevic, Ljepoja and Knezevic were members of the Squad and Topola was member of the Territorial Defence and guard in Trnopolje detention camp.

Expert Sarajlic said that the DNA analysis showed that seven of those killed were aged between 25 and 60. For five of those killed, the expert said that the injuries are caused by a missile, and that bone fractures are
determined for all of them.

The defence counsels of the indictees had no questions for the expert.

The continuation of the trial is due for Feburary 2, when the examination of expert Eva Klonowski it scheduled.A.J.

This post is also available in: Bosnian