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Branko Vlaco Extradited to Bosnia and Herzegovina

17. January 2012.00:00
Following his extradition to the Bosnia and Herzegovina judicial authorities, the State Prosecution will propose to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to order custody for Branko Vlaco, who is suspected of crimes in the Vogosca area in 1992.

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The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued an announcement, saying that the Prosecution would file a custody order motion, because it considered that there were circumstances indicating that the suspect might flee and that, by staying at liberty, Vlaco might destroy or hide pieces of evidence that are important for the criminal proceedings, and interfere with the investigation by influencing witnesses and accomplices.

Suspect Branko Vlaco, known as Brano, was deprived of liberty in Montenegro five months ago as per an international warrant issued at the request by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina State Border Police members took the suspect over at the border-crossing between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and handed him over to competent Court Police officers.

In his capacity as Manager of the “Planjina kuca” detention camp in Svrake, “Nakina garaza”, “Kod Sonje” and “Bunker” detention camps, Vlaco, a wartime member of local Serb forces from Vogosca, is suspected of having planned, ordered and participated in the persecution of Bosniaks and Croats in Vogosca and neighbouring municipalities in the period from May to November 1992.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina suspects him of having participated in the unlawful detention, physical abuse, murder, sexual abuse and rape, using people as human shields and the mass deportations of civilians in the wider area of Vogosca and neighbouring municipalities.

The State Court will render its decision concerning custody at a later stage.D.E.

This post is also available in: Bosnian