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Albina Terzic: Reward for Rape

8. December 2011.00:00
A Prosecution witness speaks about sexual threats and abuse incidents, which he personally saw or heard about while he was held in the detention camp in Odzak, adding that indictee Albina Terzic participated in them.

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Vlado Dervenic said that he saw indictee Albina Terzic, known as Nina, whom he recognised in the courtroom, at least four times in the hall, where he was held along with about 700 other Serb residents from a few villages in Odzak area.

“We had to stand up, when Mrs. Nina entered the room. She passed between the lines of prisoners with a dog and told us that, unless we were obedient, the dog would bite our genitals off. She forced us to sing: ‘Here comes the dawn, here comes the day’. We would sing the song and, at the end, we would have to say: ‘Ready for the homeland!’ and raise our hand up,” Dervenic said.

The witness said that another female person accompanied the indictee, when she came to the hall. He told the Court that two detainees – a man named Goranovic and protected witness AB2, were taken out of the hall once.

“On his return, Goranovic told me that Stoja lied down and that Nina ordered him to have sexual intercourse with her. She told him that, unless he was able to do it, she would cut his genitals off, adding that she would otherwise reward him. He told me that he was given some food for doing it,” Dervenic said.

The witness said that witness AB-2 told him that he was beaten up, because he was not able to have sexual intercourse with Stoja. The witness told the Court that Stoja was mentally sick.

Presenting the witness with his earlier statements, the Defence of the indictee asked him why he said, during the investigation, that witness AB-2 did not say anything to him. The witness responded by saying that he remembered it later on. However, he was not able to explain why he said, during the investigation, that he knew where they were taking the two men, although he said he did not know it during the trial.

Terzic, former member of military police with the Croatian Defence Council, HVO is charged with having participated in the inhumane treatment of Serb civilians, who were held in the school building and “Strolit” factory in Odzak, from May to July 1992.

The indictment alleges that Terzic is charged with having hit prisoners on their necks, shoulders and heads using a police baton, encouraged dogs to attack them and tortured them by forcing them to have sexual intercourse with a mentally ill person or committing other forms of grave sexual violence.

Both witness Vlado Dervenic and second witness Borislav Dervenic confirmed that the detainees, who were held in the school building, were mistreated and beaten up.

Borislav Dervenic said that he remembered that two female persons used to come to the hall and that one of them, whose name, as he heard from others, was Nina, used to bring a dog with her.

“She would walk and shout at us. The dog looked like a Boxer. It would growl, but it did not harm anyone. I heard her say: ‘What would you say if I ordered the dog to bite his genitals’,” he said.

Borislav Dervenic said that he had not known Nina from before. He was not able to identify her in the courtroom, pointing to another person and saying that it could be her.
The trial will continue on December 13 of this year. M.T.

This post is also available in: Bosnian