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Vinko Kondic Still Unable to Follow Trial

26. January 2011.00:00
At a status conference held in the case against Vinko Kondic, the Defence of the indictee says that, despite regular medical therapy, he is still incapable of following the trial.

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Dusko Panic, Main Defence Attorney for Vinko Kondic, told the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina that the indictee’s health condition was bad, and that he was immobile and incapable of following the trial.

“Over the past month new problems have appeared. Kondic’s condition has deteriorated. It is very difficult to communicate with him, but doctors do not want to admit him to hospital,” Panic said, adding the indictee does not have medical insurance and he covers all treatment costs by himself.

On the basis of findings presented by a team of experts, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina made a decision, in October 2010, to discontinue the criminal proceedings against Kondic, former Chief of the Public Safety Station in Kljuc, saying “the trial will continue once the indictee’s health condition has improved”.

Kondic, who is charged with crimes committed in the Kljuc area during the course of 1992, suffers from Parkinson’s disease. He often failed to attend hearings due to his poor state of health.

Although the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina disputed the findings and opinion presented by the team of experts who said that Kondic was incapable of following the trial, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina asked the Defence to submit the available medical documents again for the purpose of further assessment and monitoring of the indictee’s health condition.

“On the basis of what colleague Panic has told us, the indictee felt much better while he stayed in the detention unit. He had 24-hour care in the Unit. He was not alone and he got regular therapy even though he does not have medical insurance.

“The Prosecution is not giving up on its request to analyse Kondic’s medical documents again. It therefore asks his Defence to submit all available medical reports,” State Prosecutor Dzemila Begovic said.

Kondic was arrested in December 2007. He was held in custody until September 2010, when he was released to liberty under prohibiting measures. Until his arrest Kondic worked as a defence attorney before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Trial Chamber Chairwoman Jasmina Kosovic announced that, once it had received the medical documents, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina would order a team of experts to assess indictee Kondic’s mental and physical health condition.


This post is also available in: Bosnian