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Dusko Sikirica Released Early

21. July 2010.00:00
A former commander of security at the Keraterm detention camp in Prijedor has been released early from prison.

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The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY, approved the release of Dusko Sikirica from a jail in Austria where he has served two thirds of his 15 year sentence for crimes committed at Keraterm.

“His honest guilt admission and good conduct during the course of his stay in prison are a proof of his rehabilitation, which has contributed to his early release to liberty,” reads the tribunal’s decision. 

Sikirica admitted murdering a prisoner at Keraterm and having failed to prevent individuals from entering the detention camp and abusing the detainees. He admitted to being aware of the inhumane conditions in the detention camp, as well as beatings, rape, sexual abuse and murder of detainees.

He has been held in custody since June 25, 2000. The decision to release him says that a report received from the Graz-Karlau prison says that Sikirica performed various jobs, including one in the prison laundry, “in a very good manner” and his conduct during the course of his detention in prison was “apposite”.


This post is also available in: Bosnian