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Kravica: Another witness recognises Stupar

15. September 2006.00:00
In the continuation of the trial of 11 indictees charged with genocide in Srebrenica, another prosecution witness said that he saw Milos Stupar in Sandici on July 13, 1995.

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Witness Danilo Zoljic has recognised Milos Stupar in the courtroom and said that he saw him in Sandici on July 13, 1995, but did not connect him to the execution of Bosniaks in Kravica.

In July 1995 Zoljic was commander of the special police unit of public security station (PJP SJB) in Zvornik. He told the court that, on July 11, 1995, as ordered by SJB commander Dragomir Vasic, he sent members of the PJP first company to the area of Potocari.

The witness himself came to Potocari the next day, July 12, where he met with Ljubisa Borovcanin, commander of special police brigade of the ministry of internal affairs of Republika Srpska, and Rade Cuturic.

The witness claims that at the time he thought that Cuturic was the deputy commander of second detachment of special police force Sekovici, and that he had already known that Stupar was commander of the detachment.

“We always greeted ‘hello, commander’,” the witness remembered, and added that in May and June 1995 Cuturic executed the authorities of commander.

The indictment accuses ten members of the special police force and one member of the Army of Republika Srpska – Stupar. The latter is charged that, as commander of the second detachment of special police force Sekovici, he is responsible for the actions of his subordinates who killed detainees in his presence.

Zoljic said that he remembers that members of first company of PJP and second detachment Sekovici were responsible for securing the road from Sandici to Konjevic Polje.

The witness said that on July 13, 1995 he saw a “bigger group” of Bosniaks who surrendered on a nearby meadow in Sandici and were guarded by members of an army unknown to him.

He also said that members of second detachment Sekovici constantly brought new groups of civilians who had surrendered.

On the same day, July 13, at around 11 am, the witness also saw Stupar, but as he said they “only said hello”.

“After that I came back to Zvornik, and from Radoslav Stuparevic, deputy commander of first company, I found out about the incident in Kravica,” the witness said – speaking of the incident when one of the detained Bosniaks took a shotgun and killed a Sekovici unit member, of which the previous witnesses spoke.

The witness also said that on July 15,1995, at the invitation of Dragan Obrenovic, deputy commander of the brigade,he met with Borovcanin, Dragomir Vasic and Stupar, and that they talked about the new assignment in Baljkovci.

The trial will be continued on Thursday, September 21, 2006.

This post is also available in: Bosnian