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Boskovic Was not in the Army

16. January 2015.00:00
As the trial for crimes in Srebrenica continues, a State Prosecution witness says that indictee Srecko Boskovic did not have any engagement in the Republika Srpska Army, VRS.

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Witness Spomenko Milosevic, former member of the First Company with the Sixth Battalion of the Zvornik Brigade of VRS, said that he was on a division line above Petkovci, Zvornik municipality, during the fall of Srebrenica. He said that Jozo Lazic, the then Commander of his Company, conveyed to him that soldiers on the lines should be put on alert, because Srebrenica had fallen.

“He said that we should be ready and expect an attack from Tuzla and that some people had been brought from Srebrenica. He said that some were held in the new school building in Petkovci, some were transported to the dam, some people were transferred to another location, while some were killed,” Milosevic said.

The witness said that Srecko Boskovic, whom he recognized in the courtroom, was not engaged with the Army in July 1995. When asked by the Prosecution whether he used to see Boskovic carrying a rifle in the period, when Srebrenica fell, Milosevic answered negatively.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, charges Boskovic, former member of VRS, with having approached a boy in Djulici village, where Serb soldiers were committing the shooting of Bosniaks after the fall of Srebrenica in mid July 1995, and told the boy that he was free to go. When the boy began walking away, he killed him by shooting him from an automatic rifle.

Responding to Defence’s questions, the witness said that Boskovic attended the Secondary Technical School in Karakaj at that time and that he graduated from the Military Academy in Belgrade later on.

When asked by Trial Chamber member Mira Smajlovic whether only Boskovic attended the secondary school in Karakaj at that time, Milosevic named some other pupils, but he added that he did not know in which year Boskovic graduated from that school.

The trial is due to continue on January 23.

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This post is also available in: Bosnian