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Salihovic Will Consider Budimir’s Resignation

14. February 2014.00:00
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms that Vesna Budimir filed her resignation as Manager of the Special War Crimes Section.

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The Prosecution said that Budimir submitted the letter to Chief Prosecutor Goran Salihovic on Tuesday, February 11, but she did not specify the reasons for her resignation.

“In the upcoming period the Chief Prosecutor will consider the letter submitted to him and render a decision concerning the issue,” said Boris Grubesic, Spokesperson of the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The State Prosecution could not comment the media allegations that Budimir had received threats from a telephone number used by that institution.

The media recently reported that Budimir’s conversations were being intercepted. After that they also published a dementi of the allegations that an interception device was found in the car she was using.

Marija Taušan

This post is also available in: Bosnian