Pronouncement of Two Verdicts Postponed

10. December 2013.00:00
The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina postpones the pronouncement of verdicts against indictees, who are charged with crimes in Bugojno and the Kljuc area.

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The pronouncement of a verdict against Nisvet Gasal, Musajb Kukavica and Senad Dautovic, which was scheduled for tomorrow, December 11, has been postponed to December 18.  

Under a first instance verdict, Dautovic was sentenced to 13 and Gasal to six years in prison, while Kukavica was acquitted of charges.
The Appellate Chamber quashed the verdict and ordered a retrial.  

The pronouncement of a second instance verdict against Marko Adamovic and Bosko Lukic has been postponed as well.  

The Court announced that, instead of being pronounced on December 12, as previously announced, the verdict would be pronouncedon Friday, December 20 due to other obligations of the Trial Chamber members.  

Under a first instance verdict pronounced in May 2011, Adamovic and Lukic were acquitted of charges for crimes against humanity in Kljuc.

Following the quashing of the verdict, a retrial of Adamovic and Lukic was held.

Marija Taušan

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)