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Six Bodies from Zvornik Identified

13. May 2013.00:00
Six Bosniak victims, who were killed in the Zvornik area in 1992, have been identified at the Commemorative Centre in Tuzla. The identified victims were exhumed from Crni Vrh and Sahbegovici mass graves in the Zvornik area.

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“Brothers Beriz and Esad Aganovic, whose remains were found in Crni Vrh mass grave, and their aunt Muradija Aganovic, whose remains were found in two mass graves – Crni Vrh and Sahbegovici, are among the identified persons. Beriz Aganovic was just a child, when he was killed. He was only 12 years old,” said Lejla Cengic, Spokesperson of the Institute for the Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The oldest identified victim is Jusuf Kadic, born in Zvornik in 1907. His remains were exhumed from Sahbegovici mass grave. Sulejman Kapidzic and Selim Alic are among the identified victims as well.
Up to date 649 victims have been exhumed from Crni Vrh secondary mass grave, while the remains of 99 persons have been exhumed from Sahbegovici primary mass grave.

Admir Muslimović

This post is also available in: Bosnian