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Zecevic et al: Expert Witness Fails to Appear

9. March 2012.00:00
Mile Matijevic, State Prosecution's expert witness, fail to appear at the trial for Koricanske stijene crimes, although it was planned that he would present his findings and opinion at this hearing.

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Trial Chamber Chairwoman Vesna Jasenkovic said that March 22 this year was the final deadline for Matijevic to present his findings and opinion.

Considering the fact that the expert witness failed to appear, the Trial Chamber said that two additional State Prosecution witnesses should be invited to the next hearing, scheduled for March 15 this year.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Sasa Zecevic, Radoslav Knezevic, Petar Civcic, Marinko Ljepoja and Branko Topola with having participated in escorting a convoy moving from Prijedor to Travnik on August 21, 1992 and separation and murder of about 200 men at Koricanske stijene.

The indictment alleges that Civcic was Commander of the First Section with the Interventions Squad of the Public Safety Station in Prijedor, Zecevic, Ljepoja and Knezevic were members of that Squad and Topola was a guard in Trnopolje detention camp.A.J.

This post is also available in: Bosnian