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Serbia Arrests War Crimes Suspect Goran Hadzic

20. July 2011.00:00
Serbia has arrested its last remaining UN-indicted war crimes suspect, a former leader of the Croatian Serbs.

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Goran Hadzic’s arrest in the Fruska Gora area of northern Serbia follows the seizure of the Balkans’ number-one war crimes suspect, Ratko Mladic, on May 26.

The International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, ICTY, indicted Hadzic for war crimes committed during the conflict in Croatia in the early 1990s.

He has been in hiding since the Tribunal indicted him in June 2004.

Hadzic, born in Croatia in 1958, worked as a warehouseman before the war. In the early years of the conflict in Croatia, he was the president of the self-declared Serbian Republic of Krajina, Republika Srpska Krajina.

Hadzic is charged with ethnically cleansing Croats from parts of Croatia claimed by ethnic Serbs as part of a joint criminal enterprise. He faces allegations of the persecution, detention, and murder of hundreds of Croats, as well as the deportation or forced transfer of tens of thousands of Croats and other non-Serbs, among other charges.

Serbian police searched for Hadzic in December at the Novi Sad residence of his sister, where he last lived before going into hiding.


This post is also available in: Bosnian