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ICTY: Milan Lukic Asks for Temorary Release

22. July 2009.00:00
Milan Lukic asks the Tribunal to grant him five days out of custody in order to visit Serbia.

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After the Hague Tribunal sentenced him to life in prison, Milan Lukic has filed a motion asking for temporary provisional release “on humanitarian grounds”.

Lukic has asked for up to five days to visit his ailing mother and father in Serbia.

A decision will be made later.

Lukic was sentenced to life in prison, following a first-instance verdict, for war crimes commited in the Visegrad area. At the same time, his cousin Sredoje Lukic was sentenced to 30 years.

The Lukic cousins were found guilty of burning down two houses in which dozens of people, including children, had been locked.

Milan Lukic was arrested, after years in hiding, in August 2005 in Argentina, and in February 2006 he was transferred to The Hague.

This post is also available in: Bosnian