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Ljubicic: Detention decision expected

20. December 2006.00:00
Tomorrow (Thursday) the Court of BiH should make a decision on the extension of Pasko Ljubicic's detention, which expires on December 22.

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The detention of Pasko Ljubic, who was transferred from The Hague to Sarajevo on September 22, should be extended tomorrow.

Since the end of September, Ljubicic has been waiting for adaptation of the indictment against him to local legislation and its confirmation by the Court.

As Justice Report has discovered, the prosecution sent the adapted indictment for confirmation to the Court last week and they are expecting to receive an answer shortly.

The Hague indictment charged the former commander of 4th Battalion of Croat Defence Council (HVO) Military Police Pasko Ljubicic with crimes against humanity and violations of the laws and customs of war.

He is also charged that in 1993 he and members of his unit took part in an attack on Vitez and the surrounding villages.

More than 100 Bosniak civilians were killed in this attack, many were detained and tortured and their property was destroyed. Two mosques were also demolished during the attack on Ahmici village.

Pasko Ljubicic has been in custody forfive years now. He surrendered on November 21, 2001. Before that that he spent 14 months hiding in Croatia under the pseudonym Toni Rajic.

This post is also available in: Bosnian