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20 years
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Sexual attcks

Millions of collected documents, 4,500 witnesses examined, 161 indictees and 69 convicts are some of the factual indicators of 20 years of work at The Hague Tribunal.

The court was established by the United Nations Security Council on May 25, 1993, as the first international court for war crimes after the post-Second World War courts in Nuremberg and Tokyo.

Establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which is based in The Hague, was preceded by reports of mass atrocities committed first in Croatia and then in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More than 7,000 days of trials were held before The Tribunal, and 1,500,000 transcripts of court proceedings were compiled. Out of 161 indictees, 69 were convicted, 18 acquitted and 25 are currently on trial, 13 were forwarded to the national courts, and proceedings were terminated against 36 persons due to death or the withdrawal of the indictment.

The court says that their main achievements are that leaders were held accountable, that there has been justice for the victims, the opportunity to hear the voice of the victims, the establishment of the facts and the development of international law.

In accordance with the strategy for ending its work, all investigations by the Tribunal were to be completed by 2004. The court proceedings are on-going in another 11 cases and the Tribunal estimates that all trials will be finally completed by July 2016.

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