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At the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, images were found that Europe believed it would never see again after WW2. These images were of people behind barbed wires, held for no other reason than their ethnic group, depicting their emaciated bodies due to malnutrition, having been detained for weeks or months in appalling sanitary conditions.

These camps cannot be called “extermination camps” but are often referred to as “concentration camps”, set up by the belligerents in warehouses, factories and schools, enclosed by barbed wire and subjected to a massive military presence and a pervasive violence. The violence in these camps could take several forms: beatings with metal bars covered with barbed wire, electric torture, sexual violence, emasculation etc.

According to numerous investigations and testimonies, around 600 prison camps existed in Bosnia during the war.

Since the beginning of the year, a new project was launched with the aim of creating a comprehensive database of all the prison camps and other wartime detention facilities. The “Detention Camp Project”, presented and launched in February 2014, has already completed profiles for 15 camps. This mapping aims to define what was the structure and the role of the camps in order to attempt to reach a factual truth about what occurred during the war.

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