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About BIRN BiH work

Based in Sarajevo, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIRN BiH) is a nongovernmental media organization which specializes in monitoring and reporting on war crime trials.

Since it was formed in 2005, BIRN BiH has been analyzing and informing the public about transitional justice issues and the work of war crime chambers at state and local courts across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BIRN BiH supports the development of high quality media and a civil society fully engaged in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s governance as well as securing and exercising democratic rights and obligations.

In line with this purpose, BIRN BiH publishes a substantial body of high quality reports, investigations and analyses on crucial transitional justice, political, economic and social issues. The organization facilitates broad public debate on these topics by hosting cross-sector conferences.

The primary material stored in the BIRN BiH archive includes daily reports on war crime trials from courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. They are the baseline for all our other products, such as TV and radio shows, and also serve as a source of inspiration for analyses, the stories of victims and interviews with relevant stakeholders.

BIRN BIH also produced two documentary films, “Missing You…” and “Silent Scream.” “Missing You…” depicts the suffering and harsh reality facing people who lost family members during times of peace and war. “Silent Scream” explores the trauma sexual abuse victims still experience twenty years after the end of the Bosnian war.

In addition to our daily work, BIRN BiH provides knowledge-based training to individual journalists and media organizations via vocational and workshop-based methods.

Starting in 2015, BIRN BiH developed a new sub-programme dedicated to monitoring and reporting on cases of organized crime, corruption and terrorism. By fully respecting all professional standards as well as reporting objectively and independently, BIRN BiH has been recognized by many professionals and representatives of state institutions as an organization capable of expanding its field of work, which continues to inform and educate the public on judiciary issues.

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